What is Low Level Laser?

Low-level laser is the application of cold pure laser light to treat certain conditions. Low-level laser therapy has been found to be extremely successful in the treatment of smoking cessation, weight management, drug and alcohol addiction as well as stress and anxiety reduction.  

Is laser therapy safe?

The FDA has classified low-level laser therapy devices as non-significant risk medical devices. They pose no health risk to the patient provided that protective eyewear is worn. The laser has been compared to an ultra-sound in that it is completely non-invasive, heatless and pain-free.

What parts of my body will be treated?

The points and areas vary depending on the treatment. For smoking cessation and weight management, a low-level laser is applied to several accu-pressure points on the hands, wrist, arms, face, ears, or legs.


How can Laser Therapy help me stop smoking?

We apply a low level or cold laser to your body’s natural energy flow points to stimulate the release of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are the body’s natural mood elevators. These same chemicals are raised artificially when you smoke. Laser treatment causes the body to feel effects similar to what you get when you smoke, relieving the physical withdrawal symptoms.

How long does a treatment take?

Laser therapy treatment takes about 45 minutes. However, you should allow 60 minutes for evaluation and paperwork during an initial visit.

What does the treatment feel like?

The laser produces a warm, tingly, pulsing sensation. We like to refer to it as a natural high feeling. The effects of the laser are immediate, and you will feel the tension leaving your body. Many patients feel completely relaxed and some even fall asleep during laser treatment. In fact, patients often return for another session for its calming and relaxing effects. We also offer stress management treatments to address the tension, sleep deprivation & other physical imbalances brought on by stress or anxiety.

How long are cravings alleviated after treatment?

For most people, physical cravings will be significantly reduced or completely eradicated forever. We will give you tips on handling the mental habits associated with smoking to further aid in your success.

Are there conditions for which laser therapy is not recommended?

Yes. You would be excluded from receiving laser treatment if you are pregnant, taking photosensitive medication or steroids, have cancer or epilepsy or use a pacemaker. Although no adverse side effects have been documented, Smartchoice Laser does not treat these particular conditions as a precautionary measure. We recommend that you consult with your physician if you have specific concerns related to your medical health.

Are there any side effects resulting from laser therapy?

The laser is completely safe and causes no known adverse side effects. In fact, many clients feel very relaxed during and after treatment.

I have smoked for 20/30/40/50 years; will this therapy work for me?

All you need is a strong desire to quit. No matter what other programs you have tried and no matter how long you have smoked. We are committed to helping you kick your smoking addiction!

Is treatment affordable?

Our quit smoking package consists of your initial quit smoking treatment, two supportive follow up treatments to support long-term success, appetite and weight suppression points to help manage weight gain throughout the process, a detox kit of all natural supplements to further help reduce the symptoms of withdrawal as well as ongoing support throughout your life changing journey.

Our smoking cessation package is approximately $250 and the average pack a day smoker would save over $7,000 per year!

Will I put on weight if I stop smoking?

We treat accu-pressure points associated with appetite control to stimulate your metabolism to assist in managing weight gain during the quit smoking process.

Are treatments guaranteed?

Laser therapy has helped thousands of people and is highly successful. We are confident that we can help you quit smoking with your commitment. Nicotine addiction consists of both a physical and mental addiction. Laser therapy addresses the physical aspects but because every person is different, results will vary and the process can not be guaranteed. We will work with each person to support long-term success.

What is the success rate?

Statistics for smoking cessation has been reported at a staggering 95% – 98% success rate, the highest success rate of all smoking cessation programs!


Will my medical insurance cover the cost of laser therapy?

Several insurance companies are now reimbursing the cost of smoking cessation programs. Contact your provider for more information.

How does laser therapy work for weight management?

A low-level laser is applied to various accu-pressure points on the body to stimulate the release of endorphins; suppressing the appetite, reducing cravings and stimulating the metabolism. Treatments work in conjunction with proper nutrition and regular exercise. Motivational support, and maintenance are all included in our weight management program which is customized to fit each individual’s needs.

How much weight loss can be expected?

Typical weight loss is 6 – 24 lbs over a 6-week treatment plan. Results may vary, what is put into your program is what you can expect to get out of it, Modified diet and exercise are crucial for better results.

How does the drug treatment work?

Drug withdrawal refers to the physiological and psychological process of overcoming addiction to drugs such as heroin or other narcotics, barbiturates or amphetamines by complete cessation of use. It has been shown that laser therapy can abolish both the physical symptoms and psychological craving present during the withdrawal process. Through laser therapy patients usually will feel less drowsy, more interested in their surroundings and quickly regain interest in the conversation. In addition, running nose, wheezing, stomach cramps and feelings of aching bones and cold can disappear after 10-15 minutes of treatment.