Weight & Addiction Management 

Conquer Addictions with Smartchoice Laser Therapy


Whether you are looking to manage a substance addiction, relieve stress, or understand how to better manage your weight, Smartchoice Laser Therapy can help.

Our science-based approach to addiction and weight management is drug-free and our knowledgeable and professional technicians can help you create a strategy to conquer your addiction for good.  


Laser Therapy is a great aid to help you manage your weight and lifestyle habits effectively. Our weight management clients often notice significant benefits including:

    •  Increased Metabolism
    •  Decreased Appetite
    •  Reduced Cravings
    •  Increased Endorphin Levels
    •  Increased Energy Levels

Research has shown that targeting Accu pressure points on the body will suppress your appetite, reduce food cravings, increase the metabolism and help the body burn stored fat more effectively.

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